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07 January 2013 @ 01:53 am

I've been so busy with personal life~ sleeping and eating actually~ hahah well nothing much to talk about but I am so glad that finally, after being busy last year hanging around with college friends,, I am actually hanging out with my colleagues and fangirl friends! It's kinda cool for me because I don't sleep on my classmates' dorm or in their house but I finally tried making one of my colleague to agree sleeping in their flat~ its just so amazing because I feel like a teenager again! LMAO and meeting with friends before work hours is just fun, hahah rushing and panicking whenever its almost time! can you imagine that? well its just crazy.

My officemates/friends~
532625_4845219695616_1666436098_n382134_4775119183147_1682195851_n (1)


well, nothing much to talk about them, they are just the most weird, cute, irritating and thoughtful people that i found in the office! and I LOVE THEM! even though, you know~ /whispher ~even they are crazy!!! hahah

even though I don't have much time now for my college friends, i still miss them.. and have time to talk or mail them... especially my best friends~

264247_2095240427853_8287693_n  24965_1400951151055_960586_n

(1) me, cy, cha
(2) nix, me
(3) me, cha
(4) pam, me
(5) me, ye eun
(6) me, mhai

well, fandom is complete with my fangirl friends, of course i have lots, but only few of them i have pictures with.. so I am sorry for my other friends~ :) i know i dont have time now to join gatherings but i am very much willing to spend time during my day offs~


(1) me, tinn, izza, clau
(2) tina, me
(3) tasha, ara, me, mara, airam, celina
(4) mara, ella, alex, tasha, krish, me, clau, tinn
(5) me, iarmella
(6) me, shao, fraz, krish, lav
(7) me, jhosie, trex
(8) iarmella, me, jam, fhay, jona

and last but not the least~ almost 10years in friendship with my bestfriend, even we had arguments and fights, i still love her!


[i wanted to put more words here but i am really in a hurry~ next time i guess] 

18 February 2011 @ 01:10 am


im so stupid.. i hate being forgetful T_T


well, i found that from friendster.. i dont know when was the exact date that i see that creepy picture of his in my computer.. he really frightened me.. and made me happy as well.. how i wish i can see him personally.. a ghost? nah..


anyway~ this is the exact picture.. ^_^




you really don't know how much i miss you.. =(

well someone already take you place honey ^_^

26 November 2010 @ 09:00 am

myojo july 2010

○ click click to enlarge ○

. .


credit me if reposting ^_^

---> ken joy kimberly
26 November 2010 @ 09:00 am

♥click the image♥

BIShadow ; Nakayama Yuma w/ Hey!Say!7West

26 November 2010 @ 09:00 am

♥ click the pics to enlarge

Yuma Nakayama ; B.I.Shadow ; NY with HS7West

26 November 2010 @ 09:00 am
YUMA NAKAYAMA ; jrs ; BIShadow

POTATO November 2010


18 November 2010 @ 09:00 pm







yuck.. kamot ng kamot ohh... ewww.... ahahaahha
ohh soo Cute!

i don't know What LJCUT means!!!! LMAO sorry for spamming~

17 November 2010 @ 12:02 am
si bestfriend talaga...
never ko p syang nasurprise..

pero kahapon.. nung ibinigay ko sknya
ang binili kong mini hikaru uchiwa...
ang nasabi nya lang ayy

kinikilig sya sobra!!! XD

ahahaha! and i am happy at super kinikilig sya kay hikaru

my bestfriend: Alexandia Mananquil

16 November 2010 @ 03:45 am
it was like "Seriously?"

read if interested

yep yep... its been *counting* . . . .
Eight Months!

i laid-low to my most favorite group and i don't know how can i be back to the past 8 months ME.
I'm not an otaku anymore >_< . . . I miss 24hours fangirling... flailing and screaming over jump..

but somehow, I'm still loyal to my one and only~ ichiban :)

Daiki Arioka


not everyone knows the story why i like Daiki so much...
but actually it's like 'he' lives in my memories because of daiki.
and i am so thankful to daiki.. that's why i love him so so much!!! =)

pathetic isn't it? you don't know so no need to comment! just stfu biatch.. >_<

anyway.. i really dont know what to say...
i felt being sad in reminiscing something and thinking of someone that don't even bother in thinking me!
what the fcuk isn't?!? *

but seriously.... i LOVE daiki! I LOVE HIM!!!!! *
hahaha paulit-ulit?*

and by the way... i had this dream last November 12, 2010 =))

i was walking along the morayta street in manila with *Duane and *Rennai...
i'm telling them that i had dream of Daiki but after i told them the story, they'll face me and ask "what is it?" like they didn't hear me... well it's kinda creepy... i really DON'T enjoy that dream >_< *i am dreaming in my dream* Daiki is waking me up and asking me for %&$!!!!!! and he added, "dali na para magka-baby na tayo" OH MY FCKING GOSH!!!!!! good thing i didn't wake up in my dream...

Shhhh..... its kinda creepy isn't it?